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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  June 8, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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- what's wrong? - i don't know. i guess nothing. captioning by captionmax next on nbc bay area news the big decision on the bryan stow case. and a new 49ers stadium puts fans in the dilemma. nbc bay area news is next. pigsk.
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want to see the 49ers new stadium in santa clara, get ready to pay the price. the men accused of beating bryan stow will move forward. how his family and friends reacting. a quick response flames burn dangerously close to a home and lead to a shutdown of a freeway. we're on a little late because of the giants game. we begin with developing news. a shut down. no friday night drive on 580. a main corridor closed to drivers after a car accident and downed electrical pole and fire leaves people without power. 580 is closed while pgee repairs the power lines near where the
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power poles came down this afternoon. that's where we find cheryl. have they started work after nine hours after this accident? >> reporter: the chp said 11:00 but the closure has not happened yet. the cars are going by as they prepare for that closure. a number of detours are in place. but the best advice according to the chp is to stay away from the area. >> my advice to motorists who may be thinking about coming to this area is to think about something else if they do not want to be caught in the closure. >> reporter: as crews prepare to reconnect power lines. >> the fire came up to there. >> reporter: conya is lucky that
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helicopter mother was evacuated in time and her house didn't burn down. >> you don't know what to do. it's panic and you feel helpless. and you see the smoke coming up and you don't know if your home is up in smoke. >> reporter: the fire department got the call just before 2:00 this afternoon. flames and smoke could be seen for miles. the driver of this car slammed into a power pole, creating a domino effect that ripped down power lines. she was lucky. but it could have been divine intervention. her bible sat open in the passenger seat. >> the air bag had been deployed. she was nervous and upset. and when she started getting out of the car she actually tried to hold on to her purse. and set her purse down and she had to step over a wire. >> the wires started falling down. and a woman pulled over who was -- a live wire was in
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between her feet and sparks were around us. and the first cop on the scene said get the heck out of here quickly. we ran. it was a small fire. >> reporter: but it spread to two acres. for many people who remember the oakland hills fire that destroyed close to 3,000 structures and killed 25 people in 1991 know how brush fires can spread. the sellers family remembers the devastation well and this fire? >> too close for comfort. >> reporter: at the height of the power outage some 6800 customers were without power. pg&e says that everyone right now should have power. by the way, the freeway hasn't been closed down yet but when it does, should stay closed for about 30 minutes. reporting live in east oakland,
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cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> firefighters got lucky today. >> 24 hours from now and we are expecting to winds to ramp up. it will be dry. there will be off shore and humidity will be lower. the fire is only two acres but in that heavily populated region. here's what is going to happen. hot spots expected for saturday. with the winds anywhere from 15 to 25 miles per hour it's not going to be extreme. but it's just enough that we could see more fires sparked here as we head into the upcoming weekend with the offshore wind developing not only for the oakland hills but for a good section of california. we'll have more details on the red flag fire warning and 90-degree heat coming up. >> thanks, jeff. new tonight at 11:00, family and friends of bryan stow are hopeful justice will be served after learning the two men accused of beating the man will stand trial.
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after six days of testimony the judge says there is enough evidence to proceed for louie sanchez and marvin norwood's trial. prosecutors played a secret jailhouse recording of the suspect in which they admitted to the attack and discussed how to defend themselves in court. danny simon calls it the next big step in pursuit of justice for his friend. >> you never know what happens in the trials. you hope for the best. hopefully there is enough evidence to convict him. >> bryan stow's family released this statement, it says we put faith and trust into everyone involved and we know that it is important to them as well to see justice prevail in the end end of all of this. people wanting to get a seat in the new 49ers stadium better get ready for sticker shock. the cheapest seats for a family of four will cost more than
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$10,000. is the team in danger of making the game too expensive for the average fan? >> reporter: there is no doubt that is a lot of cash to hand over for season tickets. but fans can pay over time and the 49ers are even offering a financing program. >> the niners are a great organization and it's a great freakin' team. they're awesome. >> reporter: how much are 49er fans willing to pay for a seat inside the new stadium? the 49ers told season ticketholders friday, more than 50,000 reserved seats go on sale monday. fans have to pay a stadium builder's license fee for each seat. it starts at $2,000 and climbs to $12,000. tickets start at $85 and go up to $200. >> the least expensive seat is
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$12,000. >> up here to here. >> a family of four will have to shell out a min municipal mum of $8,000 for sbls and $3,000 per seat for a total of $11,400. he understands the license fee is needed to build the new stadium but he has game-day sticker shock. >> for $85 to be the cheapest ticket on the thing, it's really, really not very friendly for fans. >> reporter: single game tickets to see the 49ers at candle stick go for as low as $29. but candle stick doesn't compare to the new stadium and neither do ticket prices. >> it's santa clara. it will sell. >> reporter: he believes that the stadium will be a touchdown with fans. the group selling tickets expects a sellout.
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>> candle stick has been sold out for many years. this is the first time we had a paid waiting list. that is thousands of people. we feel good about the interest level in the building. >> reporter: kickoff is expected in 2014. there will be single game day tickets sold for people who don't buy season tickets but the organization doesn't know how many will be available or how much they will cost. reporting live in santa clara, jean elle, nbc11. a money launderer, and a missing picasso. this case has police looking for a lithograph they cannot identify. 100 teens broke into a gated mansion owned by a israeli prime minister. the cops busted up the party and the teens scattered. a property manager reported several items missing. a student who claims he was at
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the party said there was plenty of looting taking place. >> some kids just brought big bags and would take anything they saw and throw in the bag. $10,000 sound system, the painting, just everything. >> reporter: police need a specific description of the artwork to find it. flying high, the ntsb released a report showing that the pilot of a small plane that crashed into a lagoon in 2010 killing all three people on board had marijuana in his system. the pilot complained about the quality of maintenance on the twin engine plane. the pilot, a 73-year-old took off from san carlos airport in september 2010 and rose 650 feet before plummeting into a nearby lagoon. the pilot, his girlfriend, and the plane's owner all died in that crash. new hope for women with an aggressive type of breast cancer thanks to a south san francisco
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company. genentech announced that the fda approved a new drug. medical experts say patients lived longer and without their cancer getting worse. it will be available in the u.s. within two weeks but the company admits there is a manufacturing problem that could lead to a shortage of that drug. the weekend is here and it will be a hot one. let's check in with jeff ranieri. >> temperatures will be surging about 10 to 15 degrees and a red flag warning for california. right now 52 in san francisco, 52 in san matteo and 50s in the south bay. tomorrow morning what it means for us, before 9:00 a.m. you will need a jacket. and saturday the warm temperatures start to come in. eventually 90s which will be even producing potentially a few records. high pressure is building off shore. that dome of hot air will sit on
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top of california for three to four days. that air is going to be so hot it will increase the wind in the interior sections and back for the coastline. we'll find 60s and 70s on the coast and in the interior sections we'll have 80s and 90s. it's not only going to be saturday with the wind but also for sunday and even into monday. red flag fire warning for vallejo over to fairfield. that's it for the viewing area right now. but it may be extended further as we head into the weekend. and the sacramento valley under this increased fire danger. monday that's when it looks like it will be the highest here with very low humidities and the wind that will be persistent out of the north 5 to 15. we begin with 47 in santa rosa. 50 in san jose and 48 in livermore and for your highs on saturday we top out like this, 85 in livermore.
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87 in walnut creek. and then down the peninsula, slowly and surely getting warmer. san jose in the mid-80s. on the three-day forecast numbers in the 90s inland sunday and also for monday. even beach weather mixed in on the back half of the weekend. here's the seven-day forecast. we stay warm at least for three days coming our way. sunday, monday, and tuesday. we'll be close to record-setting heat for parts of the bay area. and thursday and also friday, those cooler temperatures start to slide back in. so if you're doing barbecuing outside that's a fire danger so be careful but have a nice weekend. a footwear frenzy the limited edition item that has people camping out. why a garage on the peninsula will will be a part of hollywood history. the jaw dropping bid to have
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lunch with warren buffett and the organization that will be benefitting.
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the life of the late steve jobs about to recreated in a special place, where he created apple. filming begins in los altoes are in the garage where the company was founded. ashton kutcher will play the former apple ceo. the film will feature job's life from 1971 as he was finishing up high school to 2000 when jobs became ceo of apple the second time. no word on when the film will be in theaters. you have to be a millionaire
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to hang out with a billionaire. an auction on ebay to have lunch with warren buffett sold for $3.5 million tonight. bidding surpassed last year's top bid of $2.6 million. he as auctioned off this lunch for 14 years to help the poor and homeless in san francisco. still ahead here, camping out for six days for a new pair of shoes. the sneaker that goes on sale tomorrow morning
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some shoe fans are hours away from buying time. this is the line-up outside of sheik shoes where dozens of people have been sleeping on the street outside for days to get their hands on the new nike air zz 2 shoes designed with the help of kanye west.
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the shoe sells for about $250. >> we were out here monday. so about six days. >> six days to get a $250 pair of shoes. >> yes. but that's how they are doing it. had no close. >> the shoe chase is spreading across the country. people missing work to wait in line. shoes are selling on ebay for thousands of dollars. there is a bid for $90,000. is it real? we'll know in a few days.
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it was a rematch at at&t park but it didn't go in our favor. let's check in with mindi bach. >> the rangers and the giants. when they last played the 2010 world series was at stake. this is the first meeting between the teams since the
11:30 pm
giants became world champions. barry zito with 18 career wins against the rangers but never faced josh hamilton before tonight. this is his third at-bat and he sends it over the center field wall. but the rangers's starter in control. he strikes out angel pagan and hector sanchez. the rangers win 5-0. jaymee sire has more. >> reporter: the team made a move that will bolster the offense, optioning brett pill and activating pablo sandoval on saturday. >> he would not come up here if we didn't think he was ready to play third base. there is no issues with the hand and fielding. he has been playing third base and feels great. >> i think it's great. having pap low back you know is going to be good. you know, i think we need him.
11:31 pm
>> reporter: sandoval was 2 for 2 with two solo home runs with the grizzlies on friday night. he will play third base on saturday. reporting from at&t park i'm jaymee sire for nbc bay area. the a's visiting the diamondbacks and oakland scored six runs in the top of the second and in the bottom of the second an amazing grab at the wall. that's going to rob aaron hill of a would-be home run. but arizona works its way back into a painful ending for the a's. ryan roberts a walkoff home run to left. those are the worst kind of losses. but jarrod parker will start for the a's tomorrow night at 7:00 in arizona. and ryan vogelsong starts for the giants. if you have nothing better to do head over to at&t. it will be a great game. >> i am heading there tomorrow.
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>> do you have an in with tickets? >> i bought my tickets. >> it will be warming up. 70s at the coast and 80s inland. >> a great weekend. thank you for joining us. >> have a nice weekend. bye-bye. ♪
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